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If your class (or individual students) can't get on site this year for Outdoor School, we've created an Online Outdoor School Program just for them! This program has also great for homeschool students!

Created by teachers for teachers, Camp Koinonia's Online Outdoor School Program is:

  • Aligned with 5th & 6th Grade Science Standards

  • Local to Oregon and the South Santiam Watershed

  • Focused on experiential learning with STEM do-at-home science experiments and a final engineering project

  • 5 modules focused on riparian (river) zones and full of activities for multiple learning styles, such as graphics, videos, hands-on experiments, pop quizzes, worksheets, outdoor field experiences, an engineering project, and much more!

  • Easy to grade. Your students will submit responses that you will be able to view and grade. 

  • Easy to modify. Choose which responses you will require from your students in order for them to move on to the next section in each module. 

Easy Online Platform: Google Forms

Steps to Access & Use This Program:

Step 1: Fill out the Request Form 



Step 2: Pay to enroll your students using the link below. Cost of Enrollment is $40*/student per school year

*If you are a school that cannot apply for state funding for Outdoor School, you may be eligible to receive this program at a reduced cost.


Step 3: A link to each of the 5 modules will be emailed to you. These modules were created in Google Forms. You will receive instructions on how to use and customize the modules for your class.  

Step 4: Email the modules to your students

Step 5: Students submit their responses to each module for you to view.

Questions? Contact the Outdoor School Program Coordinator Nikki Mondazze at 541-401-8758 or

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